So Grateful

I sure haven’t been very good about blogging lately, have I? 😛 Life has been busy and there is much to write about! But I’m going to hold you in suspense for most of it! Heehee. 😀

Over the past couple months, I’ve been busy photographing sports for Sportsline Photography. And in my free time I am working on learning and growing as a videographer (and taking a break to watch a few shows on Netflix!) While all of that is super exciting, I’m about to do something that is a total change of pace for my career this coming weekend.

I was asked to photograph a family get-together that will be held this Sunday afternoon. It is not just an ordinary get-together, but a special one for a woman with stage 4 breast cancer. Surrounded by her family, whose intent is to lift her spirits,  this courageous woman will hopefully enjoy the day and find some comfort in what good things life still has to offer her. I am honored to capture this! This touches my heart, partly because my own mother suffered from breast cancer a couple years ago. So I understand a bit about what they are going through. Thankfully after a double-masectomy, my mother is now cancer-free. And I hope for the same outcome for this woman. ❤

I’ll share more about this event and other amazing moments in my career in future blog posts! And I will do my best to blog more often! Please stay tuned! 🙂


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