There is something incredibly relaxing about watching a desert sunrise, even if it’s during a long hike up a mountain. 🙂 I had a much needed vacation last week that started with a few days in Arizona. I enjoyed sitting in the sun watching the palm trees, hummingbirds, sunrises and sunsets. Also did some swimming, hiking, wine-tasting, and had a delicious steak dinner with my aunt and uncle. After my excursions in Arizona, my parents and I took a road trip through New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and finally ending up home in Minnesota. Not only did I relax and see new places, but I unplugged from technology more than I normally do. This was a choice I made prior to the trip, after feeling distracted by social media and out of touch with nature…and myself. I didn’t even bring my camera. I found that I really enjoyed the break from technology, granted I didn’t entirely take a break. Running my own business means that I needed to answer emails in a timely manner, so I did that once a day. And being a photographer, I had the burning desire to document my trip with some type of pictures…so I took some cell phone photos and put them on Instagram. But, I spent significantly less time on my phone than normal. And I’ve decided I’m going to do this more often. Unplug that is.

This makes me think about something else….weddings. I have seen some couples who have decided to have an unplugged ceremony, asking their guests to put away cell phones, tablets and cameras…and just enjoy and experience what’s going on around them. Not only is that great for the photographers (no one likes a photo with a guest’s arm in the air, holding their phone!) but it’s also great for the guests who would otherwise be distracted, feeling like they need to document everything. I understand that a lot of people enjoy that, but I feel like they’re missing out by not concentrating on just being there. I’ve always been one to want to remember significant moments in as much detail as possible, which is why I like photography and videography so much…but sometimes it’s nice to just be there in the moment and soak in the memory with all your senses, not relying on technology to help you. And then, if you’re like me and obsessed with documenting important details, you can journal about it at night. I’m definitely going to live like this more often, because I have to tell you…I feel GREAT after doing so. That being said, I won’t be on social media (especially Facebook) as much anymore and will probably limit my blogging to every 2 weeks…unless I have something really exciting to blog about more often than that. Which would be just fine by me! 🙂







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