Let’s Brighten Things Up a Little!

Ok, the weather has been a little dreary lately.  So, let’s brighten things up with some of my favorite colorful photographs showing off bridal bouquets!

I have seen so many different floral arrangements at weddings and I am often very impressed.  I seem to be a sucker for the bouquets with bright colors, and sometimes simple is better. I love bouquets made of entirely pink or entirely red roses and how they “pop” with a green background. But sometimes the more interesting arrangements with a variety of colors and types of flowers are even better. Simply put, when a bridal bouquet uniquely matches both the theme of the wedding and the personality of the bride, that is the absolute best! Adding something sentimental to the wrapping on the bouquet, such as a picture of a loved one or a special symbol, is always a nice touch too. Advice for Brides: Just remember if you go with a larger bouquet, you’re going to be carrying it for several hours and it DOES get heavy! Looks great in photos, but it may sacrifice your comfort a little bit. I’ve seen many brides who have gotten tired of carrying their bouquet after only an hour or so. Of course, you can always pass it off to the groom for a while if he’s willing! 🙂

Ask me if you’re looking to find recommendations for good florists in your area!



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