Videography: An Essential Part of Storytelling

A few months have gone by without a blog post. Sorry for the delay! I’m going to be allowing myself more time to write.

In recent months, I have discovered and learned more about the art of videography. Like photography, videography is something that I have been fascinated with since I was a kid. But while diving into my photography career, I thought that I would only want to focus on taking photographs. There is a lot to learn in that field alone and I was worried about taking on too much at once. I had dabbled in videography and learned the basics, but wasn’t expecting to get any further than that anytime soon. But as I grow as an artist, I am continuously wanting to challenge myself and do as much as I can for the benefit of my clients. A colleague of mine piqued my interest in videography and after learning and practicing video techniques, I decided it was worth taking some serious time to learn more about it. Since then, it has opened up great opportunities. I’ve recently done videography at events including weddings and my Grandfather’s 90th birthday party (more to come on that in future blog posts!) The more I learn and practice videography, the more passionate I am about it. It is difficult for me to put into words how profound of an impact videography has on capturing memories and stories. Sometimes more so than photography. Perhaps videos speak for themselves.

Maybe it’s not necessarily true that videography has MORE of an impact than photography, it just has a DIFFERENT impact. It gives the viewer a chance to feel like they were there in that scene, even if they were not. Good photography does that too, but leaves more to the imagination. Both are critical when it comes to good storytelling!

Continuing on my path of learning and gaining videography experience, this past Friday I did videography for a wedding in Stillwater under the lead of my colleague Tig Degner. The ceremony was at Trellis, which is a beautiful outdoor venue with a lot of trees and other greenery, fountains, a gazebo and a cute and cozy little cottage fully equipped with getting-ready rooms for both the guys (upstairs) and the ladies (downstairs). I spent a lot of time with the guys, and observed their enjoyment playing air hockey and darts in the cottage. I was blown away by this venue from the moment we got there. The walkway into the venue alone is stunning. It has a tree canopy that is straight out of a fairytale. Very welcoming and picturesque.

The reception was on a riverboat called Magestic Star at St. Croix Boat & Packet Co. ( The afternoon weather had been hot and humid, so this was the perfect way for guests to spend the evening relaxing and cooling off, enjoying the breeze and the beautiful scenery. It was a four-level riverboat with a cozy lounge area on the main level, dining room on the second level, dance floor and a bar on the third level, and a giant patio on the fourth level.

The entire day was lovely from start to finish. I was honored to capture Vicki and Xo Thao’s special day! Stay tuned for a sneak peek video of this wedding to be featured in a future post!


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