Winter Wonderland


collage 3-2-16

I had the pleasure of photographing an event on Valentine’s Day for Woodland Hill Winery in Delano, MN. It was my idea of a perfect winter wonderland: sleigh rides through delicately falling snow flakes, a bonfire, friendly dogs greeting guests, hugs and kisses, smiles and quiet laughter surrounding me. Inside was a tasting room filled with couples and friends sharing good conversation in a warm and cozy environment with live music, fondue and of course…. wine! What could be better? Whenever I am able to capture such beauty and happiness, it reminds me of how fun and rewarding it is to be a photographer.

Woodland Hill Winery is picturesque in any season and always a delightful experience. The winery holds many unique events for their customers throughout the year. This Valentine’s Day event is something they have done annually for several years and will likely continue for many years to come. I’m proud to say that the owners have asked me to photograph many future events for the winery, and I am very much looking forward to it! To learn more about the winery, check out their website:

Spending Valentine’s Day afternoon at this Winter Wonderland made me feel like I was on vacation with family. I love it when work is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like work! While at this event, I kept picturing how enchanting a winter wedding at this venue would be.  My imagination can’t help but go wild, thinking about how such a day would play out. I can see a ceremony with a snow covered vineyard as a backdrop. Maybe the bride is wearing big fluffy boots to easily trek through the snow. The bridesmaids could possibly be wearing red, ankle length dresses with shawls, or any other color that would pop out nicely in the snow. Perhaps it snows softly the entire day, or maybe it doesn’t snow at all. Either way, the scene is beautiful with the warmth and love of family and friends being together. I can hear a violinist playing through the ceremony,  or instead maybe an elderly man with a little smirk on his face proudly playing the keyboard as his granddaughter walks down the aisle. Oh, and I can see a flower girl pulling a tiny ring bearer up the aisle as he sits in a wooden sled, grinning from ear to ear. Maybe, just maybe, there is a playful snowball fight at some point after the ceremony. 🙂 And the photographer nerd in me imagines how beautiful the lighting would be with all that reflective snow! My dream is to photograph a wedding like this someday.


One thought on “Winter Wonderland

  1. I love these photos! I love your blog too! I love how you described a wedding that could be there! I’m so proud of you Sarah! KEEP IT UP 🙂 your going places 🙂


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